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To be a responsible man.  Simply take responsibility for what you have been given.  We believe - "The way you do anything is the way you do everything"  We are raising up men to be leaders in our community.  Lazy men can't lead.  We have one clear and simple expectation --> Work hard.  ​


It is our expectation that our student-athletes have no zeros in the gradebook. If a student-athlete has a zero and is failing a class, they will not be allowed to dress for that week’s game unless the zero is made up.  

Academic progress and records will be checked every week by the coaching staff. Appropriate interventions will be applied where necessary. 

If a player is not giving effort, he will be disciplined.  If a player is struggling to comprehend, we will get him the resources and help necessary to be successful.  



Minimum as defined by GHSA bylaws:

1.53 Students must accumulate units towards graduation according to the following criteria: (a) First-year students (entering 9th grade) are eligible academically. Second semester first-year students must have passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units the previous semester in order to participate. (b) Second-year students must have accumulated five (5) total units in the first year, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units in the previous semester. (c) Third-year students must have accumulated eleven (11) units in the first and second years, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units in the previous semester. (d) Fourth-year students must have accumulated seventeen (17) units in the first three years, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 units in the previous semester. (e) Students may accumulate the required units for participation during the school year and eligibility will be reinstated at the beginning of the next semester.


Further information can be found on pgs. 17-19:



We encourage all parents and student-athletes to be advocates for their own education. There is an app for Infinite Campus available for parents to keep track of their son’s grades, we strongly encourage parents to do this. 


Additionally, we encourage parents and student-athletes to actively discuss missing work and other assignments with their teachers. Below is a link to the staff directory at Heritage High School: 


Georgia HOPE Scholarship Information: 

ACT Exam Registration/Dates: 


SAT Exam Registration/Dates: 


NCAA Academic Requirements: 

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