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Recruiting 101


  • Film is your resume.  Highlight tape should be 20 plays or less

  • Only 5.7% of the 1.2 million HS football players play in college.

  • Be reasonable (D-1? Really?)

  • Financial decisions for D2, NAIA, and D3.  What’s it worth to you.  99% college football is not a career it’s a way to have fun.   Less than 2.5% get “full rides”

  • ALWAYS ask what out of pocket cost AND student loans are

  • Avoid recruiting services

  • Attend combine/camps at schools you wish to attend

  • The better your grades the more options you have. – D3

  • Social media matters – first place colleges research character

  • Tell your coach if your interested in playing college ball

What can you do now?

  • Be a great man

  • Work your tail off in the weight room

  • Work your tail off on the field

  • Work your tail off in the classroom

  • Get your coach your highlight film to send to colleges of your choice

For greater detail about things you can do to play at the next level, read the PDF below.  

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