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Rising 9th Graders Orientation

  • Sub-Varsity

    • The purpose of sub-varsity football is to develop the next group of varsity players.  ​This means that JV is comprised of all 9-11th graders who do not play a lot of snaps on Varsity.  While we attempt to get as many kids on the field as possible during JV games, this is not our priority.  Our priority is developing the next wave of Varsity Football players.  Many freshmen may take a year or two to break into substantial playing time on JV.  

  • Practice Split

    • JV players will be coached by Varsity coaches.  We run a split practice which means we will have a portion of the practice as priority Offense while the JV will go to defense with Varsity Coaches.  Then we will switch this to priority Defense while the JV goes with the Varsity Offensive Coaches.  We do not have "JV" Coaches.  All coaches coach all ages for all 4 years.  ​

  • What Calendar Events do I go to?

    • Spring practice - No, 9th graders are strongly encouraged to attend spring practice and go with their projected position during practice.  They will not dress out or participate in drills but they can watch, listen, and learn a great deal during spring practice.  ​

    • Summer Workouts - YES attend all summer workouts

    • 7 on 7 - NO, 9th graders are welcome to come watch but will have to provide their own transportation to away 7 on 7s

    • Practices - Yes, to ALL practices except Thursday Practices.

    • Friday Games - No, occasionally we will ask a couple freshmen to dress out.  When we do we will go to them individually and tell them.  

  • Do I Dress on Fridays?

    • No, Freshmen have Fridays off.  We encourage you to attend games but freshmen will not be allowed on the sidelines.​

  • Weight Room

    • Other than academics this is the most important focus you should have in your 4 year career at HHS.  When registering for classes sign up for spring weight training 2nd block your 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years.  In addition to this, depending on your available electives, also sign up for weight training the fall of your 9th, 10th, and 11th grade years.  Health class will work for one of those fall weight training classes your 9th or 10 grade year.  Spring semester takes priority as we will lift a couple days a week through the fall.  So if you can only get one weight training for a year, take it in the spring.  

  • Communication

    • Team Text

      • Sign up for team texts by texting "@hhsfootbal" to 81010 (one L in football)​

      • Both the player and parents should sign up for this

    • Class Reps

      • In addition to the team text, each class has a class representative who will communicate additional information.  Be on the lookout for this.  If you have not been contacted by a class rep before our first scrimmage then reach out to us to get you connected.  ​

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