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Financial Obligations
We understand finances can be a challenge.  Because of this we work hard to keep your financial obligations to a minimum.  While football has an annual budget 3-10 times every other sport on campus we also have one of the lowest expected contributions among all sports.  Our annual budget ranges anywhere from $65,000 to $90,000 a year.  It costs $1,000 to dress EACH football player on a Friday Night.  Please keep this in mind as we ask each family to contribute.  


  • Team pack Fee

    • $300

    • This is a combination of the clothe the player will get and their athletics fee.  The clothe will consist of (approximately) a compression shirt, travel shirt, mesh shorts, and pants.  The athletics fee is $50 of the $300 that we will pay to the athletic department once received.  

    • Due before 1st day of Spring Practice

  • Card Sale

    • We ask each player to sell 11 cards.  Each card cost $20.  The way this works is we will give each player 10 cards and they have to sell all 10.  We will not take unsold cards back.  The expectation is each player sells 10.  We will have incentives for players who sill more than the minimum 10 cards.  At the end of the card sale each player is responsible to turn in money raised.  The card sale will happen in June.  

  • Volunteering

    • Our program depends on the revenue of parking and concessions on game days in order to meet our budget.  We ask each family so sign up for 2 dates to volunteer for things like this.  ​Many hands make light work!

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